Tiki Dingbats

I worked on this project for about two weeks, and i sketched most of these out at parties, when my friends were there to give me kick ass ideas on different things to draw, that were all tiki/island related. It came out really well, and I am very thankful to have friends around me to be my inspiration! I love you all!


My homies tRav & kevinaoki

More artwork for my rappin' homies out there. If you know them, you'll like this, if you don't you probably will still like it. It just not make as much sense to you as it does to the rest of us. Thanks tRAV and kevinaoki for your dope flows, and savage beats! Keep it comin'!

Bet you will laugh

Did this project for a flash class I took. This is my voice, and my roommate's voice in the back laughing. You wouldn't believe how hard the class was laughing when the punch line came. I rented a sick little track recorder from the cage here at school. I took it home, and when I got home, there was a little party going on that i had no idea was about to be there. So i put the recorder in my pocket and let the rest happen. This was one of my favorite things i have done at school, and I am proud to show it off! Enjoy!

illustration I did for Ad students

I did this for some Ad campaign at my school. I never got noticed or any attention for doing this, but my teacher said they needed my help. So i did. At least I have a solid reputation here around this school, and I plan to keep it that way through the rest of my time here at Ai, and long after i graduate.

Paid with a Ukulele with my own sticker on it!

Did this design for David Jackson, he makes ukuleles out of used cigar boxes. He is paying me with one of his own Stinkbugs. It will be a piece of art, and I am looking forward to posting the real product. In case your wondering why it has to be so vulgar, well, that's what he asked for, and I sure as hell wasn't going to disappoint him. Thanks David! Projects like these are my favorite to do.

curves :)

Did this project out of pure enjoyment, while being bored in my character rigging class. I entered it in a logo competition. No i didn't win, but i got a lot of attention for entering something like this in a logo show. I know it's more of a illustration, but it has a strong sense of balance of composition. Guy's might appeal to it more than the ladies out there. Hope you don't get offended ladies, you know I love you. <33