Fire Trick

 Lately I took it upon myself to make something for myself.  I had my photographer Kevin McGuinn shoot me in a suit.  We went out under the San Diego freeways, where there was a rustic and industrial feel to it.  So that's why I'm in a suit in the middle of no where.  As for the fire text, I downloaded a tattoo font, then I stumbled upon a new way of how to make a type have a sick fire effect.  When I learned how to do it for text, I can apply it to anything.  So I made me on fire.  This is just another thing I am capable of doing with Photoshop.  Enjoy!


Band Logo

I worked on this for a client who is in a band.  He was looking for a logo, and he explained to me what he wanted.  I think they are a cover band that plays mostly in Woodland, Ca.  I put my DelliprooF watermark on it.  Using a watermark will be something I do every time I show a client work.  From what I learned it's a great idea.  I have also learned to never make the same mistake twice!!


Laser Man

GreenScreenEFX from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.
This is basically a green screen test done for my 3d visual effects class.  The effects were done in Maya, and it was composed in AfterEffects.  This is something I would like to get a lot better at.  You become a powerful artist when you can successfully add effects to make your video reach higher places.  I added video thanks to Kevin McQuinn for the background. I gave it a graphical approach rather than focusing on reality.


Millimouth_Album artwork

This is the front cover of artist: kevinaoki's album.  He is dropping it 2/11/11.  This took me a long time to come up with the final version. We worked on a team on this one, and ever since we spoke about the first word of the Millimouth design, it has only gotten better and more evolved.  I love doing work like this.  Makes me glad that I do the stuff I do, makes me feel like there is reason to it all.  The picture below is the back part of the album.  We picked out a few fonts, and it was basically a concept that helped strengthen the front cover.  Kept it looking similar by adding the same designs, just in a different fashion.  I hope to see this art all over the place, and I hope that a lot of different people get the pleasure of seeing this art, and also get to hear how sick this music is!! Go to www.millimouth.bancamp.com to listen and or purchase the album.


3d Visual EFX test

VisualEFX from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.

This was a class project for 3d visual effects.  I messed around with the dynamics, and fluid particles, added glow intensity to the animations, and created lightning. I added lights and a camera movement to make it look better.  I would call this some sort of vaporizer, I hope to get better at making visual effects throughout this class.