Custom Graffiti Writing

This was me a stylus pen, and a bumpin' beat.  I love doing stuff like this, even though it may seem pretty pointless to a lot of people.  I enjoy it, it makes me feel like I am flowing along to a song.  In this case I was listening to Smoov-E.  One of his lines says "chase a dirty martini with a light Budweiser."  The way he delivers it with the beat is unexceptionably incredible to me.  So I listened to it on repeat and flowed with the beat.


Skate or Fry!!

Just havin a little fun.  Did this in about 25 minutes from the ground up.  It's just how I think alright?!

clever indian design

I have been drawing this Indian character since high school.  I had an idea to write DelliProof on each of the feathers, and I think it came out pretty good.  This is an original DelliProof Indian.