Last post of 2010

Today is NYE.  I decided that I wanted to do one more painting for the year.  My uncle provided me with the canvas, the paint, the brushes, and the shop.  I woke up in the morning, set up the blank canvas on an easle outside of his shop looking past the vineyards and over the blue mountain range while breathing in the brisk Woodland air.  This took me about 3 hours, with a nice cigar burning along the way.  2011, "don't be the frog, be the egret!"


just another day

Just another DelliProof. Nothing to it, except my hand a tablet and Photoshop CS5.


Paint Day

Paint Day from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.

This was my Final Project for Language and Culture. My project was to do something involving Intercultural Communication. I spoke about this earlier in my blog, but here is the video to show you. It smashed everyone else lame power point presentations. Haha, Enjoy!
ps. thanks to the Australians, Tom, Yates, Andy, Jesse, Jamie and SledgeHammer. The Swedes Caroline, and Renee, and the Frenchie... Thomas Herman!
Music By:
IAM, Eminem, GymClassHeroes, B.O.B, MacDre, MacMall, and AsherRoth


Chargers Girls from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.

First of all, I'm not a Chargers fan, I'm a New England Patriots Fan until the day I drop. Gotta Love Brady and Belichick... but I do live in San Diego, so i got a lot of haters that always want the Pats to lose. Most of the time, my team seems to win, and your team seems to lose... This was one of my first editing projects, and I like how it turned out. So here it is. Enjoy the curves!


These images you see here represent what my clients asked for, and I delivered it to them.  So, I like to represent my friends that do some of my favorite rap out there. These are all their ideas, that I created visually, so please don't be offended or scared. Ha! These guys come hard on every track they write, and the beats they rhyme to... flawless. Trying to get their name out like I'm trying to get mine out. These are all designs I have done for them for fun, and for business.
I'm sure you'll recognize these around! Nofreshair Productions!

SeaWeed Village

SeaWeed Village from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.

Haha, OK. I know this cartoon is a little weird... Actually it is weirder than most. It was a final project that was done in a group of four, including myself. We created this cartoon, and worked on it for about 11 weeks. I know it's not perfect, but I had a good time doing this. It was a challenge to work with the team, there was a language barrier that I had to get past with one of the members, but we got through it. It was hard to keep my group on the same track I was on, a lot of the animation in here is odd, and I wish it would of came out better. But anyways, I bet u get a laugh out of it, and enjoy it for what it is... Sorry for the low quality... HQ will be up shortly.

Camera Techniques... DinoLand!

Dino Land from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.

This was my final for my class called Camera Techniques. It was a class that helped us learn the ways to approach creating and maneuvering cameras through a 3 dimensional space. We were given this scene filled with lush trees, a couple odd dinosaurs, and two cavemen. I chose to make these guys playin' baseball. I got this idea because i was super stoked that the Giants won the 2010 World Series, and it was the same time i started this project. This was all done with Maya, and it was post composed in AfterEffects. Again sorry for the low quality, I have a HDQ version avaliable, if you would like to see it, contact me @ Dferrendelli@gmail.com. I'd be happy to show you.

Material and Lighting

House on the side from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.
This was my final for Material and Lighting. It was done with Autodesk Maya, and composed in Adobe AfterEffects. This would be my definition of a pad I'd like to see myself sittin' in watchin' football, and hangin' with some beautiful woman.

Take off that perfume.

Perfume from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.
This was a project I did for my 3d animation class. The quote was given to us by the teacher, and we were given a rig to animate.  Try and guess what movie this quote comes from!

kevinaoki - Dreamin'

Untitled from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.
(THIS VIDEO CONTAINS EXPLICIT LYRICS) I made this video for my Intermediate Motion Graphics elective class in my fall quarter of 2010. kevinaoki is the rapper, it is edited by me. I got the footage from my good friend Kevin McGuinn, as well as kevinaoki. I have listened to this rap over 100 times during the editing process and I still dig it. Enjoy.



So I got home from school today, and I really worked my ass off on my Fall 2010 finals, and no one was home. Thank god that there was a Christmas tree, fully lit for me to enjoy as I walked in. I sat down and looked through my old computer and I came across these. I usually did these and entered them in the Bombingscience.com forums for sketch battles. I thought I'd put them on my blog to give you guys a break from the monotonous computer art I show you.