Paint Day

Paint Day from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.

This was my Final Project for Language and Culture. My project was to do something involving Intercultural Communication. I spoke about this earlier in my blog, but here is the video to show you. It smashed everyone else lame power point presentations. Haha, Enjoy!
ps. thanks to the Australians, Tom, Yates, Andy, Jesse, Jamie and SledgeHammer. The Swedes Caroline, and Renee, and the Frenchie... Thomas Herman!
Music By:
IAM, Eminem, GymClassHeroes, B.O.B, MacDre, MacMall, and AsherRoth

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  1. Dom this is awsome. just wanted to let you know im diggin all these vids on this page. keep doing your thing man,! -slaven