I did this my freshman year of college.  When I attended San Francisco State, I had a class that consisted of drawing for 9 hours of the day.  I enjoyed it, and I found this recently so i decided I'd add it to my blog.  Enjoy.

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I just designed this, it was a picture by Kevin McGuinn.  I did the editing and design work, simple filter on photoshop, a cool type.  Reminds me of the tattoo I have.  More to come from the idiots at ViP. 


Norman the Great

Untitled from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.
This is an attempt I made at a 2d animation pencil test.  I did this a while back, I think it was my fourth quarter at the art school.  This is a switch up from what I normally show you on this blog.  I am showing it because I want to show people out there that I can do so many different things with art.  This is a 2D piece, but I am much more than two dimensional.  Sit back and enjoy the quick 14 seconds of animation.

VIP SD colors

I designed this shirt for the first group of shirts we as a team printed.  While stumbling through the hundreds of pictures that were took during the shoot, this one caught my eye.  The typography on this shirt is the same type the Chargers use for the throwback logo.  More eye candy to come from your the idiots at Village Idiot Productions.

Village Idiot

The other day we had a photo shoot for our first line of VIP shirts.  Kevin McGuinn, our main photographer, took so many great pictures.  Anyway Blake, Ace, and I, along with two female models went into the pool with our clothes on, and had a blast showing off our wet T's like idiots.  I took this pic into Photoshop and had some fun with it, I especially like how the water turned out.  We will be doing much more with the pictures we took to further expand the Village Idiot Productions. Keep it classy!