WIP on demo reel

This is my updated version of my demo reel, I added a few things, touched a lot of it up, and took some thing out I wasn't so happy with.  I tried to add a little bit more variety.  A newer updated demo reel will be coming in the next couple of weeks.  Enjoy, feel free to criticize it.


Album Art Spot

Recent album art from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.

These are the recent albums I have designed for rappers based out of Woodland, Ca.  They all spend a lot of time making their music, and are all very talented.   I used AfterEffects to compose the images, I got the video in the background from my photographer Kevin McGuinn.  You can check out Kevin Aoki's music at www.millimouth.bandcamp.com as well as www.nofreshair.com you can hear Spit Sic's music on www.spitsic.bandcamp.com and you can hear Julian Write's music on his website www.julianwrite.com and his album can be purchased on itunes as well.  I wish these artists luck and I am glad to be a member of their team.  I plan to come back to this to add small clips of their music to match up with their album, but until then, check the links and Enjoy!


Skateboard Vid Update.

Updated Skate Display from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.

Here is the video I mentioned in the previous post.  Hopefully this will be in my updated demo reel.  I'm also hoping this will appeal to the companies I would like to get a job at when I finish school this September.  The first board is a combination of Graffiti, mixed with some interesting shapes and colors, the second board is my DF logo but they are all different colors, not one is the same as another, and the third board is a design I created.  Willie Mays is the athlete in the picture, and the type is called Pornstar Academy.

3 Skate Designs

Here is another page out of my digital PDF portfolio. Three boards I would like to ride.  I would love to get a few of these printed to see what they look like in reality.  I enjoyed doing this, and will be working on making them better.  I will post a video that displays them in a professional fashion.


I did this abstract painting of a Blue Footed Bubi for a bar in North Park called Blue Foot.  They used it for a show they had which consisted of other Blue Footed Bubis.  I did this with spray paint, paint pens, ink pens, water based paint, and white out.  I used knives, fingers and other on the spot techniques to create the final piece.  It has been heavily sprayed with a clear coat so it will shine for many years to come. 

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's DelliProof!

Here's a design I've been working on for a while.  This came directly out of my PDF portfolio.  I got this idea one night, and had to make it come to life.  I know I'm not Superman, but I am DelliProof, and that is what the design suggests.  I have each design in a crystal clear form, without the heading on the top.  


Nice Grab!

Got to love baseball, you at least gotta appreciate this catch by Willie Mays back in the day.  Some crazy times, would have been awesome to go see a baseball game from the past.  "delli proof is living proof anything is possible never give up"