Album Art Spot

Recent album art from Dominik Ferrendelli on Vimeo.

These are the recent albums I have designed for rappers based out of Woodland, Ca.  They all spend a lot of time making their music, and are all very talented.   I used AfterEffects to compose the images, I got the video in the background from my photographer Kevin McGuinn.  You can check out Kevin Aoki's music at www.millimouth.bandcamp.com as well as www.nofreshair.com you can hear Spit Sic's music on www.spitsic.bandcamp.com and you can hear Julian Write's music on his website www.julianwrite.com and his album can be purchased on itunes as well.  I wish these artists luck and I am glad to be a member of their team.  I plan to come back to this to add small clips of their music to match up with their album, but until then, check the links and Enjoy!

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