Album Art for the Bassheads

This is a CD cover for the Bassheads. This CD is pretty sick, and if you are from Woodland, or know people from Woodland, chances are that you have one of these stashed away in your car, or your messy room, shit it might even be bumpin' in your deck. whether or not, get at me, or Kevinaoki and get one of these CD's and listen to their lyrics. This was their first album dropped with a solid cover, and I will be doing more work for them in the future.


This one seems to be popular for the viewers. It didn't take much time, but it has gesture to it. It seems to be appealing to the drinkers out there. Hey, it's college, we all like to drink.


My title for this logo is Start Early. Looks like child's play with some crayons, but they are drippin' like a graffiti tag. I think this would pop very well on a black hoody. My business partners vowed to invest and have it printed for me.


Another logo. This is actually what my signature looks like, just with a little flare of color.


Me and my buddy Alex Fortis were looking to do some t shirt designs. I got all into it and sent him quite a bit of designs. This is for an autumn collection. You laugh now, but ya, when i get big it will be, and then I will be the one laughing. :)

StoryBoard for futurama

I did this assignment for a class called language of animation and film. It was an enjoyable project, but not so much of an enjoyable class. We watched a lot of boring movies, and to be honest, I didn't like the way the teacher taught. He took this print, and threw it away at the end of the quarter. Luckily I still have this backed up on file. Read it left to right, just like a book, it's quite funny!

Country Livin' ;)

My first 3d class i ever took. Made this little forest cabin. I'd like to use this for something in the future when I learn more about 3d. Some bump mapping and a strong use of lights would be a start!

Norman the Great

This was my advanced 2d animation final project. It's pretty funny, and interesting to watch. It takes longer to do this type of stuff than many of you might think. I enjoyed every moment of it though, drawing, it's what I love to do!

Statue Apocalypse

This is the final digital painting of the series; the end of the statues. This was painted when I had lot's of shit on my mind. Ya know, girl problems, shit like that can get me real motivated and willing to put time into something like this. It's pretty gnarly, but all good things come to an end.

Mysterious undersea

I worked on this the summer of 2009, one of my favorite digital paintings i have done so far. I am proud of this, I love the color, and the feel. The islander fishing above is pretty tight too!

Paint, and Ink on canvas

I got this one hanging on the wall. Always. I did this the summer before I left to San Diego. This one you gotta see in person. I wish i could depict it better. When I get a good camera I'll retake it, make it look real presentable. For all the critics out there!

Ish Kong

Ish-Kong, a warrior from a far a way planet known to him as Dunes, was traveling through outer space at high speed, when his spacecraft ran out of energy. He became incapable of controlling the craft and has crash-landed on planet earth. His craft was completely destroyed. His only choice was to live and fight for himself on his own. He noticed that things were very large on this planet, and he was very small. He began to search for small objects that he could make weapons with. He also set up camp in a willow tree. He needed to eat, he’s a carnivore, and he had no real way to catch a meal. He soon fabricated a shield and a heavy-set swinging weapon. Which was used a lot when he killed for food. Common meals for Ish-Kong included mice, fish, lizards, birds, and the occasional larger mammal, such as a rabbit, or a squirrel. He still lurks through the our planet, avoiding humans at all costs.

DelliProof to the rescue!

Perspective class our objective was to do some perspective! Ya it was kind of a straight forward beginners class, but I did all I could and had a good time making this guy. It's the second drawing in a series of three. The explanation- DelliProof to the rescue!


I did this creation in the back of my animation class, instead of animating. I used photoshop, and I used a dope technique. (pardon the ebonics) I would like to show, but, I'll keep it to myself right now.

Fishin' in the sun :)

This is one of my favorite drawings I have done. It may not be considered the greatest at a prestigious art school like Ai, but when I did this, I was 17. It was sick to show off in high school, felt like i was on top of the game. Maybe I'll recreate this one day... shit, I have the capabilities, and the knowledge.

Let's get it started.

This is a design that will mean something one day. People will see this, and understand the common nonsense it has to offer. So here i go, onto tis adventure. Enjoy my blog.