Ish Kong

Ish-Kong, a warrior from a far a way planet known to him as Dunes, was traveling through outer space at high speed, when his spacecraft ran out of energy. He became incapable of controlling the craft and has crash-landed on planet earth. His craft was completely destroyed. His only choice was to live and fight for himself on his own. He noticed that things were very large on this planet, and he was very small. He began to search for small objects that he could make weapons with. He also set up camp in a willow tree. He needed to eat, he’s a carnivore, and he had no real way to catch a meal. He soon fabricated a shield and a heavy-set swinging weapon. Which was used a lot when he killed for food. Common meals for Ish-Kong included mice, fish, lizards, birds, and the occasional larger mammal, such as a rabbit, or a squirrel. He still lurks through the our planet, avoiding humans at all costs.

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