First 3D Rigg

This is my 3d Rigged character I rigged for 3d Rigging. Ya, it doesn't look like much, but this stuff is hard. It was probably my least favorite subject I had to learn at my time at Ai. This may not be that impressive, but, it took a lot of time, and there is so many technicalities involved. It real gave me an utter respect for 3d animators and riggers, who create amazing rigs for video games and 3d movies. I encountered so many problems while working on this. Rigging will probably not be a part of my future job work, because it is not how my brain likes to work! Great teacher though, and a fun class.


House on the Side

This was my final for my Material and Lighting class. This was done with Maya, it took a ton of time. Here are some of the strongest shots of the room. Composing lights and textures together, while adding bump maps and specular maps while keeping shadows under control is definitely a challenge. I am proud of this work, and I'm glad that it came out the way it did.

Leon, the mokey pilot

This was my final project from my Advanced Sculpting class. We were given a pitch, and we were told to create a cast of characters for a show called Titan Maxforce. This is a show that already exists. We weren't allowed to look at the show for reference, (which I had never seen) so it was all up to my creativity to create Leon. He is a pilot, he doesn't like the rest of the people in his crew, because he thinks he is better than everyone. He is keen on his mechanic skills, and knows how to keep the ship running to a T. I had a great time sculpting this, and put about 40 hours into him. Enjoy!!


This is my final project for my digital illustration class. I took the picture of my friend, threw it into illustrator, and spent about 8 hours finessing the final copy. For the background I used a photo of my old apartment that I painted, then I used the pen tool to make it in Illustrator. I am really stoked on how this ended up, and I'm hoping to get a lot out of it.


Beautiful San Diego

I did this for my digital illustration class, my summer quarter of 2010. We had to illustrate an environment. I thought to myself, how could I not choose to recreate one of my favorite places in the world? This view is looking at the famous Gas Lamp District, in beautiful downtown San Diego, from across the bay. I tried to make the buildings look lit up, compared to the deep purple background. I feel like I accomplished my goal, the complimentary colors work well on this project. It is one of my most achieved Illustrator assignment.


The Tag Dresser

Here is my dresser. Yep, I tag on almost everything I own. When I get more pens, i can guarantee you that I will post it again, and it will look more colorful, and more epic than it does right now.

The Stinkbug in the flesh!

Here it is. The Stinkbug Ukulele I got for a design. It is so sick, and probably the dopest ukulele you have ever seen. I still can't play it, but I will learn how to soon. And if you look closely, you will see my logo I designed imprinted inside of the guitar box. Who can claim this act of graphic design work! The dude who makes the ukuleles is David Jackson. He lives in Woodland California.

The Painter

I did this painting over a chunk of time. Whenever I felt like painting, I would take whatever I had that was handy and could leave a mark and put it on a canvas. I would paint this with nothing in mind. I have no other thoughts going through my mind except the pure nature of putting paint on canvas. I even used a stick to do some of the paintwork, because I couldn't find a dam brush!



You be the judge.  I don't even know how I should think about this.

don't ask, and you won't know

Ya this was for the same class as was the post underneath of this one.  I really can't explain what I was thinking when I did it, but I am pretty sure it makes sense.  I don't know why I really do things this way, but it's a visual depiction of how my mind works, not everybody else's.

Emphasis by placement

Here I show my passion for paint with an abstract design I did a while ago.  There's not much more to say about it. ps. It's supposed to look like shit.

Thumbs Up!

A set of thumbnails I did for my background class I took Summer of 2009.  I used number 5, to create the undersea digital painting I did in this class.  I don't know if these appeal to you, but I do them just to gain a quick understanding of what composition, colors, and look I want my final painting to have.


This is a simple character design I came up with for the story boarding I did.  I stylized to make it quicker for me to draw him in a shot.  I use a lot of angles when I work like this, with a lot of fast brush strokes.

Story boarding 101

I took a storyboard class, it was a lot of work, but it was great to learn.  I love to draw, and for the most part, that's all I really did.  This is one of my favorite shots I came up with.  This particular storyboard was about a detective.  It had a grim style, and left the audience hanging.  I respect the hell out of story boarders after I took that class.  They got game, and they bring it!

"O, He's got it" - Kobe

Haha, naw I'm just playing I can't jump that high.  I did this for a project early on in my start at Ai.  I had the weirdest teacher for this class, man I swear he was crazy.  But yeah, the assignment was to photoshop ourself into a picture.  So I got my friend to take a picture of me jumping out my other friends lifter truck.  He got a real nice snap shot of my getting some mad air! I had fun with this assignment, anyone can learn Photoshop.

From pen, to paper, to..

Here was my preliminary sketch for the Stinkbug project I had going on.  You can see the final copy posted earlier in the blog.  This is me giving the audience an idea about how I approach my work.  Especially if I know there is a reward in it for me.

Tree Top

I did this sketch of a tree with faces in in for an old friend who I used to like to kick it with in high school.   It isn't fancy, just a sketch.  I'm just going to put it on my blog for safe keeping.

Chico Paint Session

Okay, I did this up north at my homie's pad in Chico. He was nice enough to go out and buy me a case of Krylon. I had nothing but time to kill, so they emptied out his room and gave me space to paint. Right out the sliding glass door there was a pool with a spring board, so, when I got tired of painting, I'd hop in the pool. I remember breaking the springboard though. Haha, it was a good time. I kind of went crazy with what I wrote on the wall, I didn't keep it as clean as I usually do, but I used the sloppiness as part of the style. Great times, and man, I fucking love to paint.


This is a picture of my snake Rufio. He's a corn snake, and he's about 5 feet long. I brought this picture into to Photoshop to enhance the colors a bit. If you didn't notice, that is my artwork in the back as well. It's crazy to me how I can look this creature in the eyes, and every time I do, I wonder what the hell he's thinking.

Black Panther Illustration

I did this illustration for my digital illustration class my summer quarter of 2010. I used a reference image of a panther. Lately I have been thinking about getting a tattoo of a panther. This is one of the sickest animals out there in my opinion. If i saw one of these cats in the wild, I would trip out! It would be really sick to see, unless it was pitch black in the jungle. You probably wouldn't see it until it was mauling your face, and you probably still wouldn't see it. I've seen them at zoos, they seem so calm, but you know they got a mean side to them. They symbolize passion and courage.

Odysseus's Palace

I kept this background design relatively simple. However, I like it a lot. I don't know what others think about it when they look at it, but when I observe it, I wanna jump inside of it. Just look at that place, does it look like you are going to have a bad day inside there? No, I don't think it does. This was for Dzu's class as well.


This was a class that I enjoyed, but not as much as i thought I would before I took it. This guy came out pretty cool. Reminds me of a toy i would have liked to play with when I was younger. Anyway, the teacher for this class is way talented, and a pleasure to have. He's got tons of advice, and a sick portfolio to show. Dzu is his name, and if you go to Ai, you probably know how dope his art is.

Gimme a lift!

Just a little fun. I did this on photoshop this past year in school. Ya, I don't know what the inspiration was for it or anything. It's plain, and kind of boring if you ask me. But, I'll show it to you guys and let you dis it or like it! How about that freedom... Gotta love America.

SFSU Graveyard

Freshmen year, SF State. The graveyard. This was the spot where we could have our cake and eat it too. We could get away from the annoying RA's and go do what we wanted to do. Haha, ahhh the joys of being a freshman. Anyways I spent lots of time down here, and the graffiti may look like crap, but it's more for the memories. I didn't even take this picture. I found it on the internet for SF graffiti cleanup. Anyways, I wish you could have seen this spot in action!

Door Hanger Design-Fatte's Pizza

I made this, he printed it, and I found it on my door after coming home from a long days work... Okay, so here's something that got me $75 worth of pizza. I won a door hanger competition! How exciting...NOT. C'mon I want a real freakin' job that pays me some money. Hey but pizza's cool. Except for the fact that everyone around you thinks they deserve a slice of your "free" pizza. Anyways, I established a cool relationship with the owner of Fatte's Pizza, and he might be giving me a call in the future for any graphic work he needs done.

Keggerator, the final chapter.

Another piece of art from my first spot in SD. My best friend turned this beast of a fridge into a keggerator. It was tight until it started leaking shit all over our carpet. So in turn, we put it on the balcony, hit it with a hammer, called the refrigerator wranglers to come pick it up for us. They paid us fifty dollars for it, when in reality, we bought it from craigslist for a Jackson. Haha, nice business you got goin' there!

Skateboard Painting

I had a good friend come over and ask me to paint his skateboard. Sometimes I feel a lot of weight on my shoulder blades when people ask me to paint on their things. Sometimes they give me no ideas to what they want either. They tell me just do something, I'll be happy with whatever you put on my board. When in reality, it is not true at all. Because I can paint them the stupidest shit ever, but I choose not to. This is all freestyle, no concept, no colors picked out, this is just me using the materials I had on me. I use what's handy, and just paint what comes to my mind. People seem to like the garbage I put on their stuff, so I guess I'm going to keep doing what I do. It doesn't bother me, because it is what I like to do, but it helps when people give me an idea of what they like to see, or else you'll get something like this. You be the judge of whether you like it or not. I'm just going to paint it because you asked me too. You can always buy me a beer afterwards!

Are those Nike's?

This is one of my sketches inside of this sketchbook I have filled up. I have been very involved in the culture of graffiti and urban art. Even though i do not write illegally anymore, I still have a fond appreciation for the people that do... to me it seems like the most real art of our generation. Renegades, who are willing to risk life and limb to put their name on a barren piece of concrete inspires the shit out of me. This is for all those people down with the graffiti movement. Cheers mates!

Hey don't do that! That's a white wall!

My first year in San Diego, I had an apartment with some good friends. One day i decided i wanted to paint. So i got my supplies out, and worked on a wall for a good amount of time. This was right in our living room, the first impression people had when they walked into the apartment was; "Damn, this place has style" Haha, or at least, that is how i choose to depict it. Anyway, it says "Champagne wishes, caviar dreams." I used lots of different colors and many different techniques to make it the way it looks.


Type Design

The project here for typography 1 was to mimic a font style, except, it couldn't be exactly the same. So we had to write our first name in a chosen font, in my case I chose Gothic E. Then we had to finesse our last name with a type that showed a sense of unity. This was done during my second quarter at Ai. What is the name of my font you ask? Ha, what else would it be, DelliProof is the name.

Customized Vans

I did these Alice in Wonderland themed shoes for a friend of mine before she went to Australia for a year. She rocked them on a different continent! I used paint pens, and heavy ink pens. Over the years I have done a lot of different things for friends, and these really stand out.