Skateboard Painting

I had a good friend come over and ask me to paint his skateboard. Sometimes I feel a lot of weight on my shoulder blades when people ask me to paint on their things. Sometimes they give me no ideas to what they want either. They tell me just do something, I'll be happy with whatever you put on my board. When in reality, it is not true at all. Because I can paint them the stupidest shit ever, but I choose not to. This is all freestyle, no concept, no colors picked out, this is just me using the materials I had on me. I use what's handy, and just paint what comes to my mind. People seem to like the garbage I put on their stuff, so I guess I'm going to keep doing what I do. It doesn't bother me, because it is what I like to do, but it helps when people give me an idea of what they like to see, or else you'll get something like this. You be the judge of whether you like it or not. I'm just going to paint it because you asked me too. You can always buy me a beer afterwards!

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