DelliProof Cougar '68

I decided to illustrate my dream ride.  I gave it a comic book/unique DelliProof style to it.  This is a pic of a 1968   Mercury Cougar.  One of the first american muscle cars that incorporated luxury into their rides.  You'd be lucky to catch a XR7 canvas top like this on the road. This is why I do what I do.  I want a wicked sick ride like this to sport my brand.  "And I vow... to make the dogs on my Cougnut bark and growl." - Mac Dre.


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  2. nice, muscle car brother! those are tight. you'd dig my 68 camaro 350 SS im working on. i've got pics on my facebook if you want to see the beast!

  3. damn tony, you are a lucky dude!! I would love to see the beast!